Programme       12 noon - 4 pm at Taurus Crafts. This includes an illustrated briefing with 10 key tips, a visit to Lydney Harbour covering composition, light & reflections, photo tour at Taurus featuring flowers, fabrics, pottery, plants, buildings and sculptures.. not to mention the Taurus bull!! and sun, shade  and sky.This is followed by a photo de-brief a  quick picture show with expert commentary and a quick  photo clinic.

Photo courses for everyone
Our courses are designed for everyone who wishes to improve their camera skills. This includes those who want to move on  from the basics of point and click to those experienced enthusiasts looking for new challenges and vibrant landscapes. You can choose single day courses or weekend courses to suit your plans. Whichever you choose you will have a great time, improve your camera and image skills  and learn more  about the creative world of digital photography.
EACH course limited to 8 people.
Call us to book your place
01594 368839

The 10 best digital photography techniques ..4 hour course
This half-day course introduces you  to the best digital photography techniques and gives you 10 tips to help you improve your photography and image management skills. No special kit is needed.. just bring your camera and you will have a briefing for 30 minutes and then three hours of supervised practice at selected locations in and around the Forest of Dean.
Your course leader - Ewart Woolley: Ewart has trekked through the landscapes of  Severn and Wye  as a geographer, geologist and teacher. His experience includes twenty years of photography, more than 15 working with digital images and more recently leading Adobe Photoshop & digital camera skills courses at an  international school and technology college.
Course programmes depend on weather and tides
Page update: May 2017
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