Session 1
9.00am  Welcome and coffee***
9.15am  Location briefing

9.30am  Visit to locations selected from Forest of Dean,  Severn Estuary and Wye Valley with sessions covering composition, outdoor portraits and camera control.
Session 2
1.30pm  Practical sessions -  low light, real world photography*
3.30pm  Digital image editing*  or continued practical
(depending on weather& tides)
4.30pm  Hints & tips; printing and review
4.30-5.00 pm  Tea + close 

SLR, bridge and high end compacts.
Suitable for experienced camera owners who are keen to extend their skills and add to their portfolios.The day   includes 3 or more  hours on location with the option of an early dawn start. Sessions cover creative skills, composition, image editing & management, a practical woodland visit, water & reflections, shooting into the light, exposure, contrast and silhouette.  Tripod,  USB 1gb and memory stick essential.
Landscape masterclass  with atmospheric images, contrasts of colour & light and secret places.
Dawn Photocall  + Breakfast
 A great experience! don't miss it!
Do ensure you have good footwear, waterproofs in case of showers and adequate protection for your camera.

May, June, August,  September,  October
Advanced skills course
COURSE LEADER Ewart Woolley BSc.
* Timings, locations and programme order depends on weather and exterior conditions.
***Early start for photocall not mandatory but  you do  want to get the best shots.....don't you.?
Ewart has trekked through the landscapes of  Severn and Wye  as a geographer, geologist and teacher. His experience includes twenty years of photography &  digital images and more recently leading photo skills & Adobe Photoshop courses at an  international  technology academy.
Page update: May 2017
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